Work Smart Welding Accessories Kit

Our Work Smart Welding Accessories Kit includes all three products below:

Bead Runner

Cutting Wheels

Torch Dok

Bead Runner

This innovative design can be used by anyone from novice to master welder.

It's perfect for beginners -- this device teaches welding techniques and muscle memory, helping to achieve a quality weld. Advanced welders will weld faster and easier by maintaining a proper ARC gap while following the contour of the metal in any position or direction.

The Bead Runner is available in 2 sizes (please specify when ordering):

  • light duty (5/8" diameter gun) - for 100, 150, 170 amp welders
  • industrial (3/4" diameter gun) - for 200, 350, 450 amp welders

Bead Runner Instructions

  1. Remove shield gas nozzle.
  2. Install BEAD RUNNER past threads on neck of MIG gun.
  3. Replace shield gas nozzle. Slide BEAD RUNNER to nozzle.
  4. Firmly tighten wingnut on 360 degree clamp with pliers. Loosen enough to allow for 360 degree rotation of BEAD RUNNER on neck of MIG gun.
  5. The telescoping axel/wheel has lateral movement for different types of weld beads and 360 degree adjustment for welding in any direction. Extend axel wheel. Adjust direction and lock for hand guided welding. Retract axel/wheel and stow for free hand welding.
  6. Start slow and get familiar with the BEAD RUNNER. Do some practice welds to learn set up adjustment for the direction of the weld. Each time you use the BEAD RUNNER, it helps improve your welding, teaches technique and muscle memory for free hand welding.

Cutting Wheels

This useful accessory makes cutting easier by helping you maintain a proper flame gap while moving the cutting torch with precision and fluid movement across a metal surfaces.

Cutting Wheels Instructions

  1. Clamp cutting wheels on torch.
  2. Light torch with striker. Pre heat start cut.
  3. Move torch across metal surface to be cut.

Torch Dok

This practical welding accessory is a must for heating rusted and ceased-up parts. This product is like having a third hand, so you may easily heat ceased-up parts without having to turn off and re-lite torch in between.

Torch Dok Instructions

  1. Clamp on cutting torch as shown above.
  2. Light cutting torch with striker.
  3. Heat seized up part.
  4. Place torch while lit at a safe distance and location for an open flame, on floor or stable surface.
  5. Check part for movement.
  6. Reheat if needed.

Pro Cut 360

Pro Cut 360:

Pro Cut 360

Pro Cut 360

Pro Cut 360

heavy duty cycle 1 1/16

light duty cycle 15/16

Pro Cut 360 in use

Pro Cut 360

Pro Cut 360 Instructions

  1. install procut 360 on air nozzel of plasma cutter.
  2. roller under handle as pictured.
  3. plan your cut, keep roller on a solid surface.
  4. have fun and be creative!.

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