Meet our Founder, Mr. Martin Albrecht

Our company president Martin Albrecht believes that "people who think out of the box are the individuals that make America the land of invention."

Mr. Albrecht has 32 years of experience as a Carpenter, Plumber, Electrician, Auto Diesel Heavy Equipment Mechanic, Machinist, Tool Maker, Welder, Fabricator and a Training Aide Specialist at a local Technical College. These numerous years of experience and education has lead Mr. Albrecht to develop and design his own line of products, with you in mind, to make the job faster, quicker and safer.

Necessity is the "mother of invention" this is why we have our new product development program. Mr. Albrecht believes in helping others and giving back. If you have an idea for a tool or an accessory please contact us. Together we can make smarter tools for everyone to use.

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